What is Co-op?

Our Co-operative Preschool

Co-operative preschools offer parents the opportunity to be involved with their child’s education on every level. At a co-operative school, parents’ contributions are essential both in the classroom and “behind the scenes”.

In the Classroom

Alongside our experienced ECE teacher and our Teacher Assistant, parents take turns helping out in the classroom on a rotating basis. On your “duty day” in the classroom you will see your child’s behaviour in the group, you will share in your child’s daily experience and see the school program at work. You will end up knowing a great deal about child development and your own child in particular!

Board of Directors and Committee Jobs

All families share the responsibility of getting the tasks of the preschool done. You will hold a position on a school committee or on our parent Board of Directors. From guiding school planning on the Board to helping with fundraising, planning special events or evening classroom cleaning and toy washing – there is a preschool job to meet every member’s schedule and interest! For families that cannot participate in Board or Committee roles, there are a limited number of “Opt-out” spots available for a fee.

General Meetings

All families also participate in two General Meetings each school year, in the fall (September) and in the spring (May). These meetings are where you exercise your vote on matters relating to the operation of SPRP so a parent, or parent representative, is required to attend. General Meetings give you valuable information which will enhance your understanding of and experience at SPRP. They are also a great a place to meet and interact with the other parents!

*Changes that have occurred:

As some of you are aware there have been some changes at the Preschool.

Changes in the fees, but also in the structure of the Preschool.

SPRP is a licensed Child Care program under the Ministry of Education. SPRP is required to follow the regulations as set out by the Child Care and Early Years Act. This Act came into effect September 2015, replacing the Day Nurseries Act. As a result, difficult decisions had to be made in order to make the Preschool sustainable in the long term.  Starting in September 2016, everyone that would be directly in charge of the children  (what the duty parents used to do) would have needed  to have a full CPR certification (a 16 hours class).  The Board made a unanimous decision and decided it was not  fair to families to ask them for such a big commitment.

Therefore, we hired a Teacher Assistant that works along side Miss K four mornings a week. The role of the duty parents is also different. There will only be one duty person in the class at a time and they will help mostly with snack and cleaning.  Other parents will always be welcome to visit in the classroom should they wish to.

If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to contact me at president@sprp.ca.

Best regards,