All families with children at SPRP are “members” of the co-op. There are different types of membership based on your level of involvement at the school.

Classroom Participating

Most families at the preschool are Classroom Participating. This membership will give you the greatest level of invlovment in your child’s school experience and all the rewards that go along with it!

You will be involved in operations of the preschool through a Board or committee postion and you will particpate in “duty days” in the classroom. Only one parent/guardian is required to fulfill the in-class role.  Some families wish to have both parents and/or a grandparent volunteer to meet the required in-class duty days. This membership offers our lowest cost tuition.

Non-classroom Participating

For families that want the benefits of a co-operative preschool but cannot be in the classroom, we offer a limited number of Non-classroom Participating spaces. Although you will not participate in duty days in the classroom, you will still get the benefits of belonging to the co-operative community through participation on the Board of Directors or one of our schoool committees.

Board and Committee Opt-Out Option

For families that are unable to participate in Board or Committee work, we offer FOUR “opt-out” spots, on a first come, first served basis.  These spaces are available to Classroom Participating and Non-classroom Participating members. The families who choose to pay the “opt-out” fee will not be required to participate in committee work or on the Board of Directors but will still attend General Meetings. These spots are available on a first come, first served basis.